Water Treatment , Water Line Repair,PlumberWater is an essential part of our lives. We drink it and use it to cook, shower and wash our clothes. Water nourishes our body and it keeps our surroundings clean. Although water supplies in the United States are among the safest in the world, there are many reasons why you should have your water treated.


Hard Water Softening

Water that falls down in the form of rain or snow is by nature soft. When water is absorbed in soil that holds magnesium and calcium ions, the soft water picks up these ions and becomes hard. When you use this hard water from a private well or when it enters your house through your water supply, it can cause several inconveniences and damages.

Calcium carbonate in hard water can precipitate and cause buildup as it makes contact with pipes, water heaters and other surfaces. This can result in decreased lifespan of your domestic appliances such as your washing machine, water heater, dishwasher and coffee machine, as well as increased heating bills by up to 20 percent.

Instead of producing foam and bubbles, the reaction between hard water and soap creates a milky film, which eventually leaves water spots on glasses and silverware. Hard water can also leave your hair feeling greasy and unclean because of its reaction with shampoo. Deposits of solid materials left behind by hard water can collect on the side of your sink and bathtub. Similar deposits can also build up on water pipes where they can clog and cause damage.

Improve Taste, Color And Odor

Some contaminants also affect the flavor, appearance, and smell of water. They can give your water a metallic taste, leave rust-colored stain on your laundry or make the water smell like rotten-eggs. Treating your water supply can help get rid of these contaminants so that you get clearer water without offensive tastes and odors.

Better Health

Water and health have a clear connection. Contaminated water can lead to health problems and diseases. Water sources in the U.S. can become contaminated and treating your water supply can help protect you from waterborne pathogens. Clean water at home means better health for you and your family.

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