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Types of Membership

  1. Regular Members – all individuals who are members of this Association who are primarily conducting a full-time recognized plumbing business, either in the form of a sole proprietorship, a firm, or corporation, and who hold a designated masters license from the constituted authority of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission of the State of Maryland, shall be known as regular members.
  2. Associate Members – will include all members of the Association who are employed by, or in partnership with a regular member. An associate member shall be eligible to hold office if he is licensed in WSSC as a Master Plumber. However, in the event a licensed associate member becomes an officer, there shall not be another officer from the same business. At a regular meeting, where an associate member, who is an officer, and the regular member, who is not an officer, are both present, the officer will be the only one allowed to vote. In no instance will more than one member of the same business be allowed to vote at the same meeting.
  3. Unaffiliated Associate Members – individuals holding a master or journeyman plumbing license from the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission and actively working in the plumbing trade but not employed by a regular member, and not eligible to be a regular member, may be accepted as unaffiliated associate member. Unaffiliated associate members cannot vote or hold office in the Association.