The kitchen and bathrooms are typically the parts of the house that homeowners like to renovate. Remodeling the kitchen or the bathroom often requires updating the plumbing. You may have to remove and install new water lines and set up brand new tubs and other fixtures for this home improvement project.

Planning For Kitchen And Bathroom Remodel

There are many aspects of the remodeling project that you need to take into account but the planning phase and incorporating the plumbing need to have the highest priority. Water supply and wastewater disposal plumbing need to be a top consideration when remodeling the kitchen or bathroom.

See to it that you plan with the following in mind:

  • Adherence to building codes that detail the space required around fixtures
  • Construction and placement of plumbing drain pipes and walls
  • Installation of showers, tubs and other fixtures and how to protect these fixtures from damage during the plumbing of the water lines

Plumbing remodels also include tearing down the walls, shutting off the water and taking apart the cabinets. An experienced plumber on your side can help you develop a thorough plan and see the project through.

Hiring A Professional

The prospect of having the bathroom or kitchen you have always dreamed of can be inspiring. But, with poor know-how and improper planning, what can start out as a seemingly simple project can quickly turn into a nightmare.

The plumbing remodel process can be extremely extensive and it is not recommended that you undertake this project without asking for help and guidance from a licensed professional in the field.

It is relatively easy to install new fixtures if you are just replacing them with a similar one and without having to change their locations in the bathroom or kitchen. If you are moving and installing new ones, however, you will need to get professional help.

You need someone familiar with plumbing codes and capable of troubleshooting plumbing problems. A plumber with experience and knowledge about getting permits, installing all brands of plumbing fixtures, conducting sewer and drain repairs, handling gas lines, and who can work with your allotted budget. These considerations can make a big difference in your project.

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