Master Plumber, Repair Sewer and DrainThe smell of sewage coming from the drains and toilets is not just a nuisance. It can also cause major water damage and pose biological hazard to your family. The earlier you address any issue with your sewer line, the easier and less costly it is to repair it. Here are some early warning signs that tell you something is wrong with the sewer and water line:

Slow Draining

Clogs may be to blame if drains in your home experience slow drainage. But a partially collapsed sewer line is likely the culprit if all drains in your home have sluggish flow.


The foul odor of raw sewage from the drains, toilets, tubs, sinks and showers may indicate a damaged sewage line.


Your sewage line may need repair or replacement if water constantly backs up into your sink, shower and tub, when your washing machine drains out and when you flush the toilet.

Tree Root System Close To The Sewer Line

A tree’s root system actively finds sources of moisture so if a root system is close enough to your sewer line, the roots will eventually seek out the sewage line. It can break through the pipe’s weakened material and even grow inside it, clogging it completely.


Repairs should be made once the sewer line damage is located and assessed. If the problem is caused by a small clog because of accumulated grease, the issue may be treatable in a localized area. Repairing pipes damaged by tree roots and sealing cracks and holes may only require pipe relining to restore function and flow. There are instances though when repair is no longer advisable.

When Sewer Line Replacement Is Necessary

In old homes that use sewage pipes made of outdated materials, the system may be breaking down in different locations. Fixing the small areas may prove more costly in the long run. Completely replacing the sewage lines using new materials that can last for many years when properly installed is sometimes a much better option.

If you suspect a problem with your sewer line, it is best that you work with a professional who can locate and assess the damage. An experienced plumber should be called in. Contact us for help on sewer and water line repair and replacement.