Water Heater Replacement ,Water Line Repair, Washington DC MD VAAccess to hot water is a necessity. You do not want to use icy water during the cold winter months and relaxing in a hot shower is something you always look forward to after a tiring day at work.

There are certain signs to look for that you now need a new water heater. You may notice some of these during periodic inspections.

Rusty Water

If you find rusty water coming out from the water heater and this only comes from the hot side piping, consider this a warning that the water heater is rusting away on the inside and will leak soon.

To check if this issue is not due to rusty pipes, drain some gallon buckets of hot water out of the water heater. If the water still comes out rusty by the third bucket, it is likely that the problem is caused by the water heater and not by the piping.


Sediment will eventually build up at the bottom of the tank of the water heater. The sediment will also harden as it gets heated and reheated. As a result, you can hear rumbling or banging sounds when the water heater heats up.

Hardened sediment means that the heater needs to use more gas or electricity to heat water. The extra time spent heating the water can lead to more wear on the metal tank that can make the metal more brittle and then crack into tiny holes. Check for any small leaks when you start hearing rumbling sounds.


If you notice water puddling around the water heater, this means that the inner tank already reached the end of its life. Remember that slow drips and leaks can quickly escalate into a bigger problem and cause serious flooding once the entire tank breaks.

Water Not Getting Hot Enough

If you get warm water instead of hot water, it means that the heating element is burning out. There are other possible reasons why water that goes out is not getting hot at all. The circuit breaker, for instance, may have tripped or the pilot light is out but it may also indicate that the whole heating system is failing.

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