Master Plumber, Sewer and DrainUsing over-the-counter clog solutions is not often the best answer to clogged drain and sewer lines. You may need to seek professional help to thoroughly clean and unclog your plumbing.

Causes Of Drain Clogs

Hair is a common cause of household drainage clogs particularly in tubs, showers and bathroom sinks. A drain cover may help in catching some hair but some might still go down the drain. Clogged hair may result in you inadvertently flooding the floor or not being able to use your sink, toilet or tub.

Toilet paper roll tubes, soap, food and children’s toys also cause drain clogging. Some objects may only partially block the drain but they may continue collecting more debris and buildup overtime eventually blocking the drainage completely.

Grease is also a common culprit that clogs drain pipes. Greasy and fatty substances that are washed down kitchen drains tend to stick to the pipe interiors and eventually build up, which can restrict flow. To avoid clogs, do not pour bacon grease and other fatty substances down the kitchen drain.

Food-related businesses also face similar but sometimes worse drainage problems caused by grease or organic matter buildup. Sinks that do not drain properly can affect flow and cause unwanted delays that can take a toll on the business.

Unclogging Drains

Flushing the drain with boiling water does not always work and this method should only be used on metal pipes. If you have PVC pipes, extremely hot water may soften or melt the joint in the pipes.

Drain clogs can be hard to clean but this is a plumbing issue that homeowners will inevitably experience. Drain cleaners sold in the stores are commonly used to solve the issue but they can potentially worsen the problems. They may cause damage to your pipes which could require more costly repairs.

Fast Process

Plumbing professionals can identify the sources of drain and sewer problems through inspection and this can help determine the best course of action for restoring the flow of the drain. A thorough inspection will also determine whether the drain needs a simple and quick cleaning or if it requires a full repair job to restore optimal flow.

Sewer and drain cleaning is a fast process and should get your drainage working well again. Contact us today to get help unclogging your plumbing.